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[33], we found a concentration of 3-hydroxytetradecenoic acid lower than the one of 3-hydroxytetradecanoic acid, which is in accordance with the concentration of tetradecanoic acid ([C.sub.14]) and tetradecenoic acid ([C.sub.14:1]), their immediate precursors in plasma.
In leaves lupenyl acetate (5.31), Palmitic acid (1.08), Tetradecanoic acid (1.43), Clionasterol (18.63), Pentadecane (1.37) were identified.
This fatty acid profiling revealed the occurrence of dodecanoic acid (C12:0), tetradecanoic acid (C14:0), 3-hydroxy tetradecanoic acid (3-OH C14:0) and hexadecanoic acid (C16:0) in the lipid A component of S.
Peaks at 7.75, 13.43 and 19.79 min were identified as dodecanoic acid (C12:0), tetradecanoic acid (C14:0) and hexadecanoic acid (C16:0) respectively.
The peak at 18.05 min was assigned to 3-hydroxy tetradecanoic acid (3-OH C14:0).
These peaks were confirmed as tetradecanoic acid (C14:0) and hexadecanoic acid (C16:0) methyl esters.
3-hydroxy tetradecanoic acid ME###40.21+-0.05###0.97+-0.36###0.71+-0.73
A smaller proportion (~0.2%) of a multi- methyl branched FA was also found and identified as 4, 8,12-trimethyl tetradecenoate along with a hydroxy FA 3-hydroxy tetradecanoic acid, which amounted to 0.97% in males and 0.71% in females.