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car·bon tet·ra·chlo·ride

a colorless, mobile liquid having a characteristic ethereal odor resembling that of chloroform; it is used as a cleansing fluid and as a fire extinguisher, and has been used as an anthelmintic, especially against hookworm.
Synonym(s): tetrachloromethane


carbon tetrachloride

A volatile liquid used as a solvent and cleaning agent (dry cleaning), and in fire extinguishers and refrigerants.

Toxic to the CNS, liver and kidneys; may cause coma or death.
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In contrast, larger beads (average size of 16 [micro]m) were formed on electrospun fibers with the addition of tetrachloromethane (Fig.
The addition reactions of tetrachloromethane and ethyl trichloroacetate with styrene were studied by Adamek and Hajek [3].
Acetic acid, acetanhydride, tetrachloromethane, or an excess of substrate were the preferred solvents used in these sulfonation reactions.