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A leash attached to a belt and then tied to a fixed object in a pool to allow one to swim 'laps' in a pool that is too small to do so
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At the same instant the terrified horse made a last frantic effort to escape--the tether parted, and he went careening down the canon toward the desert.
The E-sail consists of a number of long and thin conductive wires or tethers, which are kept at a positive potential with the help of an onboard electron gun.
"A considerable amount of officer time is spent responding to reports about horses becoming free from tethers and straying onto highways and footpaths, or tethered horses causing nuisance or danger to the public."
The new, innovative packaging for T-Reign Retractable Gear Tethers allows customers to test the retraction force of the Kevlar cord without removing the product from the clam card.
The Tether Alarm works with many of Southern imperial's existing tethers, up to .05” diameter cable.
Tethers were separated from egg masses with a razor blade at the point where sediment was first incorporated into the gel.
The X-Tether is a new concept for side curtain airbags that combines a one-piece woven and laminated bag with a pair of internal tethers that maintain a constant cross section.
In his Maximes, La Rochefoucauld reminds us that "language tethers us to the world; without it we spin like atoms." Through language, we communicate with our fellow human beings, expressing our emotions, thoughts, and desires.
According to Edwards, the voltage builds up on tethers in space because they are traveling 11,000 mph relative to Earth's magnetic field.
"This illustrates the sort of injuries animals kept on tethers can sustain and is a perfect example of why the RSPCA does not approve of tethering."
You may not have a choice; most new child-safety seats will be equipped with not only top tethers but a lower anchorage system as well.