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Refers to an information system that is attached to other information systems.
[M.E. tethir, fr. O. Norse tyōdhr]
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To date, no studies have determined whether differences in the ability to generate force with the left and right upper extremities in land-based strength test (using a maximal voluntary isometric contraction test) are related to propulsive force asymmetries measured during a tethered swimming.
Along with the post, they also posted a picture of Nell tethered up with the puppies alongside her.
Tethered to both the ground and a power source via a slim cable containing an optic fiber and electrical conductors, the antenna can remain aloft for days.
This will position them to be more expensive than mobile-reliant HMDs, such as Gear VR, but below tethered devices like the Oculus Rift, especially given their reliance on already expensive PCs or game consoles.
An optimal control strategy of deployment of a tethered satellite system was developed and compared with free deployment and deployment method of Kissel's law [6].
The MobileView tethered operator interface is ideal for maintenance tasks, machine setup or calibration activities, and other HMI applications that require the operator to see the machine.
Propellant-free control of tethered formation flight, Part 1: Linear control and experimentation.
A council spokesman said: "The council and the police take a firm line on horses that are illegally tethered or fly grazing on public land.
Last year, illegally tethered or roaming ponies on Gateshead Council land became a major problem.
Two other contractors who were tethered to the larger tower were taken to a hospital.
The tethered tools solution utilizes active attachments that are always engaged, even during transfer from hand to hand, person to person, or hand to holster.
The incident was one of many which has seen horses illegally tethered or roaming on Gateshead Council land becoming a major problem.