testing stick

test·ing stick

(test'ing stik)
A plastic 1/4-in. rod, about 3 in. long, used to test sharpness of a scaler or a curette.
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When all three colored bands appear on the testing stick, it meant that the subject is positive of drug use.
Each HIV test is carried out twice, with two different brands of testing stick, to ensure the result is correct.
The PS1.75 pointing finger testing sticks are being distributed by the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service to help householders push the test button on smoke alarms.
"It's pointlessly burning money." But the Carmarthen-based fire service has defended its testing sticks with this statement: "Thanks to a Welsh Government funding grant, which has been specifically provided to spend on home fire safety check equipment, we purchased simple and functional hand-held pointers to help people test their smoke alarms without having to stand on a stool or stepladder.
"The testing sticks have been purchased as part of our prevention and protection strategy to provide elderly and immobile members of our communities with the help they need to test and maintain their smoke alarms safely.
The smoke alarm testing sticks were originally designed by Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.
"My grandma was a diabetic and I used to test myself with her testing sticks," he said.
According to the company, the First Response offering includes 20 testing sticks (versus seven of competing brands) to allow women to predict throughout the whole month the two days in which they are most likely to conceive.
The pounds 50 starter packs include the testing machine and a set of urine testing sticks. Further packs of sticks cost pounds 9.95.
Meanwhile, the company has launched the First Response Daily Ovulation Test, which includes 20 testing sticks instead of just seven, so that women can predict throughout the whole month the key two days when they are most likely to conceive.