testicular implant

(redirected from testicular prosthesis)

tes·tic·u·lar im·plant

a device placed surgically in the scrotum in males with absence or severe hypoplasia of the testis.
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Scrotal ultrasonography (US) revealed a normal left testicular prosthesis. The right prosthesis seemed ruptured with septation echoes due to the device shell (Figure 2).
Spontaneous testicular prosthesis rupture is a rare event, whereas, for breast implants, it occurs in up to 77% of the cases [17, 18].
Psychological and aesthetic aspects must be considered and a testicular prosthesis should be proposed postoperatively.
Other emerging surgical techniques include testicular prosthesis placement at the time of orchiectomy of the torsed testicle (Bush & Bagrodia, 2012).
Additionally, all cases of testicular prosthesis placement for this time period were reviewed.