testicular implant

tes·tic·u·lar im·plant

a device placed surgically in the scrotum in males with absence or severe hypoplasia of the testis.
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A testicular implant is commonly inserted in adults in the absence of a peroperative scrotal skin wound after radical orchiectomy.
Use of a Silastic testicular implant in reconstruction of the temporomandibular joint of a 5-year-old child.
In addition to breast silicone prostheses, we found 1 reported case of synovial metaplasia occurring around a testicular implant. (4) Synovial metaplasia has been described most frequently in association with the textured type of silicone breast prosthesis.
Neuticles - If you've had your dog neutered and are worried about all the other dogs making fun of your mutt's lack of tackle, then testicular implants may be the answer.
The technology ideally is suited for gel-filled and soft-form medical devices such as soft body-contour implants, testicular implants, and implantable sensor circuitry.
PIP founded in 1991 by Frenchman Jean-Claude Mas specialised in the manufacture of silicone implants, pre-filled saline breast implants, testicular implants and custom made implants.
"Well, I mean, to break it down, the surgery I want to have, I'd like to have the testicular implants and all of that, and I'd like to be able to urinate through it," explained the star, who recently parted ways with fiancee Jennifer Elias.
Within chapters, though, topics transition on the turn of a phrase: A discussion of breast and testicular implants in a chapter on discoveries moves quickly into a list of diseases named for the doctors who first described them.
Miller recalled the veterinarian's scorn when he asked about the availability of testicular implants for o1' Buck.

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