testicular cords

tes·tic·u·lar cords

(tes-tik'yū-lăr kōrdz)
The primordial sex cords derived from the gonad cords.
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Thin germinal epithelium containing 1-2 layers of squamous epithelial cells was observed in the cortex, while testicular cords, the future seminiferous tubules, were noticed in the medulla (Fig.
Note: thin cortex (C, arrowhead) containing 1-2 layers squamous epithelial cells and testicular cord (asterisk) in the medulla (M).
In male embryos, the structure of testicular cords of 14-day-old embryos was well delineated.
The results from the present study indicate that EMF exposure during fetal period has detrimental effects on testicular development and destruction of testicular cords, which may result in subfertility on adulthood.