test-tube baby

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test-·tube ba·by

popular term for a baby born after uterine implantation of a maternal oocyte fertilized in vitro.
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test-tube baby

A baby developed from an egg that was fertilized outside the body and then implanted in the uterus of the biological or surrogate mother.
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test-tube baby

A term gestational product resulting from in vitro fertilization of an egg implanted in a uterus and carried to term by either the genetic mother or by a surrogate–gestational mother. See Artificial reproduction, Baby M, in vitro reproduction, Surrogate motherhood.
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test-tube ba·by

(test-tūb bā'bē)
Popular term for a baby born after uterine implantation of a maternal oocyte fertilized in vitro.
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Mohannad has become the first test-tube baby to be born to an imprisoned father.
Antelopes are the only other endangered species to have had a test-tube baby, she says.
London, July 25 ( ANI ): The world's first test-tube baby has paid tribute to the fertility pioneers, who gave her and millions of others life, as she turns 35.
BRITAIN'S first test-tube baby Louise Brown shakes hands with her father for the first time after her birth on July 26 1978.
Britain's first test-tube baby clinic at Bourn Hall, near Cambridge, has opened its doors to its first patients.
ACTRESS Halle Berry is so desperate to become a mother that she is considering having a test-tube baby or adopting.
DOCTORS are planning to create a test-tube baby with a twin to provide spare body parts.
On the left is Louise Brown, the world's FIRST test-tube baby. On the right is her sister Natalie, the world's 40TH test-tube baby.
A LEADING test-tube baby clinic will celebrate the year 2000 - with its 2000th application of a revolutionary fertility treatment.
But she says she has no time to be pregnant so her 27-year-old daughter, Brandi, will carry a test-tube baby produced from Roseanne's eggs with Ben as the dad.
Edwards, the in vitro fertilization pioneer whose work, along with that of Patrick Steptoe, led to the world's first test-tube baby in 1978.