tertiary vitreous

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ter·ti·ar·y vit·re·ous

vitreous fibrils derived from the neuroepithelium of the ciliary body and forming the ciliary zonule.


1. glasslike or hyaline.
2. the vitreous body.

vitreous body
see vitreous body.
vitreous flare
an opacity of the vitreous which occurs with uveitis.
vitreous floater
a small opacity in the vitreous which may stimulate the retina and cause abnormal behavior patterns such as 'fly-biting'.
vitreous humor
1. vitreous body.
2. the watery substance contained within the interstices of the stroma in the vitreous body.
peripapillary vitreous
that adjacent to the optic disk.
persistent hyperplastic vitreous
a congenital anomaly, usually unilateral, due to persistence of embryonic remnants of the fibromuscular tunic of the eye and part of the hyaloid vascular system. Clinically, there is a white pupil, elongated ciliary processes, and often microphthalmia; the lens, although clear initially, may become completely opaque.
vitreous membrane
1. Descemet's membrane.
2. hyaline membrane (1).
3. Bruch's membrane.
4. a delicate boundary layer investing the vitreous body.
primary vitreous
the first stage in development of the vitreous; it persists in the adult as Cloquet's canal.
vitreous removal
secondary vitreous
the secondary stage in development of the vitreous; an avascular mass secreted by the retinal ectoderm.
tertiary vitreous
the third and final stage of development of the vitreous; it is secreted by the ciliary epithelium and persists in the adult as the suspensory ligament of the lens.
vitreous veils
curtain-like opacities seen in a normal vitreous.