tertiary health care

ter·ti·ar·y health care

(tĕrshē-ă-rē helth kār)
Specialized therapy in which a patient is referred from a primary or secondary health care provider; sometimes called superspeciality care.
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Abiodun had during the inauguration of the panel charged them to assess the operational modalities of the hospital, and to suggest how to improve the standard in tandem with an acceptable universal standard for medical training, research and tertiary health care services.
The data of patients of primary health centre patients would be linked with secondary and tertiary health care institutions for prompt cure in case of shifting.
Looking at the ground realities, it is said that Federal Government which cannot efficiently run and manage the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences located just at a few kilometers, how it can run and manage these big tertiary health care facilities located at such a far distance in Karachi.
ACE Malolos is building a tertiary health care facility in Malolos City.
ACE Malolos is building a tertiary health care facility, which will be the biggest private hospital in Malolos City in Bulacan.
Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Hand Hygiene among Medical and Nursing Students at a Tertiary Health Care Centre in Raichur, India.
Dr Madigele said the decision to increase the number of referral hospitals was meant to spare Batswana the long distances they had to contend with to get tertiary health care.
It would be safe to say that we today see a number of patients from within the country and globally visiting Emirates Hospital with tertiary health care requirements taking advantage of our advanced Operating Theatres and surgeons, while also enjoying some of our luxurious in-patient rooms."
The aim seems to assist the population at the primary stage to relieve pressure on secondary and tertiary health care facilities.
Majid Ibrahim Al-Fayyadh is the chief executive officer of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSH&RC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a leading tertiary health care facility in the region.
Out of 109 secondary and tertiary health care facilities, 95 are being run by the health department while 14 were operating under the PPP mode.
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