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As defined by the US FBI, 'the unlawful use of force against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population or any segment thereof, in the furtherance of political or social objectives'
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The Syrian Air Force eliminated terrorist groups who were escaping the clashes area to the southwest of Aleppo city.
The army also destroyed a convoy of terrorists' vehicles that was en route to support the terrorist groups near Khan al-Assal, and an armored vehicle rigged with explosives was destroyed at the city's Western entrance.
Crenshaw (1991) discusses the life span of terrorist organizations and attempts to explain how terrorism declines.
Pirated software constitutes a tremendous source of funds for transnational criminal syndicates, as well as terrorist groups.
A Federal Aviation Administration official said during a House hearing there is no evidence linking terrorists to the lasers.
The fact that there are a few extremist Islamist terrorists among the militants doesn't change the nature of this war.
We have enough evidence now to tell us that this does not stop terrorism, may indeed provoke more terrorism, and at the same time leads to the deaths of hundreds, even thousands, of innocent people who happen to live in the vicinity of suspected terrorists.
More than 30 heavily-armed terrorists entered Beslan's Middle School No.
Terrorist attacks may temporarily heighten people's feelings of hostility, stress, and frustration, all of which may boost reckless driving, the scientists say.
We learn how charitable organizations, individuals, and businesses funnel millions of dollars to the coffers of al Qaeda as well as other terrorist organizations as Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood, who incidentally, contrary to some wide-held belief, do in fact collaborate with one another.

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