ternary complex

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ter·na·ry com·plex

term used to describe the tripartite combination of, for example, enzyme-cofactor-substrate or enzyme-substrate1-substrate2 for a multisubstrate enzyme, the active form involved in many enzyme-catalyzed reactions.
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With the TC-TIC assay, we were able to detect the TIC ternary complex analytically, but with poor sensitivity.
This method provides reliable detection of both free cTnI and cTnI in the whole ternary complex.
1 illustrates the retention time for the molecular weight standards, purified proteins for free troponin T and I, and the ternary complex.
Cardiac Troponins exist as a ternary complex with three subunits: cardiac troponin I{cTnl), T (cTnT) and C (cTnC).
Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-binding protein 5 forms an alternative ternary complex with IGFs and the acid-labile subunit.
We discovered that the CETP's N-terminal penetrates HDL and its C-terminal interacts with LDL forming a ternary complex.
Data indicate that cTnI circulates mainly as a binary complex with cTnC in the blood of patients with acute MI, but it also circulates as free cTnI and as a ternary complex, cTnICT.
Furthermore, after ternary complex build-up, GE similar to HDL, was able to reduce nanoplaque formation and size.
This enhanced fluorescence was obliterated by the addition of dodecyl sulfate, suggesting that it was due to SULT1A1:DHC:PAP ternary complex.
DNA strand cleavage is required for replication fork arrest by a frozen topoisomerase-quinolone-DNA ternary complex.
The HTS-MTP patented diagnostics system uses Magnetic Resonance (MR) sensors integrated into the company's exclusive technology providing High Throughput Screening (HTS) with the company's proprietary immunoassays incorporating super paramagnetic or ferromagnetic micro-spheres in a ternary complex.
Current research suggests that the cytotoxicity of irinotecan is due to double-strand DNA damage produced during DNA synthesis when replication enzymes interact with the ternary complex formed by topoisomerase I, DNA and either irinotecan or SN-38.