ternary complex

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ter·na·ry com·plex

term used to describe the tripartite combination of, for example, enzyme-cofactor-substrate or enzyme-substrate1-substrate2 for a multisubstrate enzyme, the active form involved in many enzyme-catalyzed reactions.
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88 ppm) corresponding to 33 protons from three DBM molecules were observed, proving, that ratio of proton signals of PHEN and DBM molecules are 8:33, supplementing evidence, that C1 is ternary complex with DBM:PHEN being 3:1.
Based on the specificity of cTnI autoantibodies for the I-T-C ternary complex, the authors propose a model where, early after acute myocardial infarction, circulating cTnI is a mixture of I-C binary and I-T-C ternary complexes.
SAPCD2 Controls Spindle Orientation and Asymmetric Divisions by Negatively Regulating the Gai-LGN-NuMA Ternary Complex," Developmental Cell, volume 36, issue 1, p50-62, 11 January 2016, DOI: 10.
Proceeding from the obtainned data, we propose the following structure for the extracted ternary complex (scheme 1).
2]+TnI+TnC) ternary complex may be unfolded and that it would be prudent to concentrate the complex by ultrafiltration refraining from lyophilization.
Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-binding protein 5 forms an alternative ternary complex with IGFs and the acid-labile subunit.
We discovered that the CETP's N-terminal penetrates HDL and its C-terminal interacts with LDL forming a ternary complex.
5,6] The formation of such an associated species explains negative values in excess thermodynamic functions, but several authors have suggested the formation of a ternary complex (Figure 1b), [2,7,8] due to lack of mixing thermodynamic functions in the composition region rich in chloroform.
Furthermore, after ternary complex build-up, GE similar to HDL, was able to reduce nanoplaque formation and size.
This enhanced fluorescence was obliterated by the addition of dodecyl sulfate, suggesting that it was due to SULT1A1:DHC:PAP ternary complex.
DNA strand cleavage is required for replication fork arrest by a frozen topoisomerase-quinolone-DNA ternary complex.