termino-terminal anastomosis

ter·mi·no-ter·mi·nal anastomosis

A surgical connection of the central end of an artery with the peripheral end of the corresponding vein, and between the peripheral end of the artery with the central end of the vein.
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Three months later, the thoracic termino-terminal anastomosis of the esophagus was performed (Figure 1(d)).
(d) Step 3: thoracic termino-terminal anastomosis of the esophagus (drawn by Dr.
We performed a resection of 5 cm of ileum involving the fistula with ileoileal termino-terminal anastomosis using a double running suture to restore intestinal continuity.
The duct was released from the umbilicus and small-bowel resection with termino-terminal anastomosis was done (Fig.
Neurotmesis is the interruption of the fibers' envelopes, even with immediate termino-terminal anastomosis and even if just the endoneurium and perineurium are interrupted without epineural effraction.