termination sequence

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ter·mi·na·tion co·don

trinucleotide sequence (UAA, UGA, or UAG) that specifies the end of translation or transcription. Compare: amber codon, ochre codon, umber codon.
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However, these very promising foamy viral vectors have one limitation in their ability to efficiently transduce terminally differentiated and growth-arrested mammalian cells [32] potentially because of their mitosis-dependent integration [22] and the deficiency in forming PICs with nuclear import activity from the absence of the lentivaral cPPT element and central termination sequence.
The DNA molecules are useful for specifying a gene product in cells, either as a promoter or as a protein coding sequence or as an UTR or as a 3' termination sequence, and are also useful in controlling the behavior of a gene in the chromosome, in controlling the expression of a gene or as tools for genetic mapping, recognizing or isolating identical or related DNA fragments, or identification of a particular individual organism, or for clustering of a group of organisms with a common trait.
The oxidative degradation pathway for organic polymers typically follows an initiation, propagation, and termination sequence. The initiation, in this case the ionizing radiation, is followed by the propagation steps with atmospheric oxygen.