termination of pregnancy

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termination of pregnancy

Induced abortion. See Abortion.

termination of pregnancy


Patient discussion about termination of pregnancy

Q. What Are the Methods of Terminating a Pregnancy? What ways are there today to end an unwanted pregnancy?

A. "If you're not ready for it, don't have the economic ability to feed it or cant raise it in the conditions he deserve" then it would be even better to have the child and give it up for adoption. There are so many married couples who can't have a child any other way and really do want one to love and cherish.

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The Choice Act allows a female of any age to consent to a termination of pregnancy without her parents or anyone else being informed.
To offer high quality, impartial support and advice to all service users seeking a termination of pregnancy, regardless of age, ethnicity, language, disability, sexual orientation, religious or personal circumstances.
Reported by a lady who is failed to conceive following termination of pregnancy in her teenage.
The cover is "The Committee is not of the opinion that termination of pregnancy after 12 weeks for socio-economic reasons should not be provided for.
Section 3 (2) (b) of Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (MTPA), 1971, bars abortion after the 20th week.
SC relied on the report of the medical board which advised termination of pregnancy as a " special case" and has said that there was a threat of mental injury to the woman if the pregnancy was continued.
So there is a need for alternate methods of termination of pregnancy, preferably medical methods without any risks or at least with minimal complications, easy and inexpensive.
The total ban on the termination of pregnancy in force in El Salvador runs contrary to international human rights standards and violates the country's international obligations, the group says.
The on-call ObGyn concurred and recommended termination of pregnancy by surgical intervention or methotrexate.
amp;nbsp;But a new Termination of Pregnancy Bill has been proposed to parliament, which would also allow abortion in order to preserve the physical and mental health of the mother, in cases of rape or incest and when there is severe fetal impairment
She said poverty, overwhelming personal responsibilities and lack of contraceptive facilities, contraceptive failure and extra-marital pregnancy were the reasons for abortion and both medical and surgical methods were used for termination of pregnancy.

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