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termination date,

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The Mexico Equity and Income Fund Inc (NYSE:MXE) commenced a tender offer to purchase up to 367,170 common shares or 5% of its outstanding shares at 95% of the net asset value (NAV) per common share as decided at the close of business on the termination date, it stated on Saturday.
The company said it will also save 45% of the deal value between the intial termination date and the new termination date, or about US$80 million, and will pay to Rowan the remainder of around $98 million.
Global Banking News-December 2, 2013--United Bankshares and Virginia Commerce Bancorp extends merger termination date
According to Barclays, the securities are being redeemed as the result of a stop loss termination event occurring on January 4, 2013, the stop loss termination date.
The termination date of the agreement has been extended to 30 September 2011, with the option for two additional 30-day extensions to allow the company time to secure additional financing to fund the acquisition and future working capital requirements.
One potential pitfall is the extent to which a tenant is bound to pay a full quarter's rent in order to successfully terminate the lease where the actual termination date is other than at the end of a quarter.
One point to be aware of with your single clients who have named a trust is the trust's termination date.
The rule amends the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Parts 219 (Small Business Programs) and 226 (Other Socioeconomic Programs), extending the termination date for the program to award 5 percent of contract dollars to small disadvantaged business concerns, minority institutions, and historically black, colleges and universities.
Elliot Lake airport officials made a promise that passengers holding tickets after the termination date will be reimbursed.
to extend until at least March 31, 2001, the outside termination date of its pending merger.
The 11 HOLDRS Trusts that will terminate on the Termination Date are: B2B Internet HOLDRS(SM) Trust (BHH); Broadband HOLDRS(SM) Trust (BDH); Europe 2001 HOLDRS(SM) Trust (EKH); Internet HOLDRS(SM) Trust (HHH); Internet Architecture HOLDRS(SM) Trust (IAH); Internet Infrastructure HOLDRS(SM) Trust (IIH); Market 2001+ HOLDRS(SM) Trust (MKH); Software HOLDRS(SM) Trust (SWH); Telecom HOLDRS(SM) Trust (TTH); Wireless HOLDRS(SM) Trust (WMH); and Utilities HOLDRS(SM) Trust (UTH).
The Nuveen High Income December 2018 Target Term Fund (NYSE:JHA) disclosed on Wednesday that it has entered the wind-up period in anticipation of its termination date.