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a finishing or final part of something, especially the peripheral termination of a nerve or nerve fiber. Called also terminatio and terminus.
free nerve ending the type of neural receptor with the simplest form, in which the peripheral nerve fiber divides into fine branches that terminate freely in connective tissue or epithelium.
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1. An end or ending, particularly a nerve ending.
2. Induced ending of a pregnancy.
Synonym(s): terminatio [TA]
[L. terminatio]
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Since both jus terminatio and jus ad bellum concern the transition between a state of war and a state of peace, it is tempting to think that the former can be reduced to the latter.
Although it is true that many of the ad bellum considerations have an important role in the assessment of when and how to end a war, the way in which these considerations apply to jus terminatio questions is often substantially different from the role they play in jus ad bellum.
How to navigate these countervailing moral considerations is a substantive issue of jus terminatio that is addressed nowhere in traditional accounts of jus ad bellum.