terminally ill

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terminally ill

Managed care The status of a person expected to die within 6 months from a specific condition, and thus may need hospice care
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Q. I heard that HIV is no longer considered a terminal illness?!? I saw a T.V. program about it and they said it’s a “chronic disease”. What does that means?? Is it true?

A. It’s true, it’s no longer considered terminal, but believe me, don’t throw away your condoms…the medication prolongs life and give you a chance to live but they are expensive and have nasty side effects. Enough to make you consider stop using them, and then the HIV comes back like nothing happened. Protect your self. It’s MUCH cheaper and wiser..

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Medical aid-in-dying is an option for those who are terminally ill. Though the option need not be exercised, we must evolve as a compassionate state to make MAiD accessible to our terminally ill.
It is pertinent to note that during the State of the Union (SOTU) address, Trump had urged the Congress to pass the bill in the interest of the terminally ill patients and that they should have greater access to experimental treatment.
Depending on the specific policy held by the terminally ill person, other ways to raise cash might be available.
The Assembly should make haste with reviewing the bill to help reduce the pain of terminally ill patients and their families.
Five states in the US now allow terminally ill people to request prescriptions for medication to end their lives.
THE UK will cross a "legal and ethical Rubicon" if Parliament votes to let terminally ill patients end their lives, the Archbishop of Canterbury warned, as he urged MPs to reject plans to allow assisted suicide.
Albano filed the bill in May last year aware of the Catholic Church's teaching on the use of prohibited drugs in caring for the terminally ill.
A group of physicians and patients is suing the state of California over a law that they say exposes doctors to criminal prosecution for providing terminally ill patients aid in dying.
BIRMINGHAM Women's Hospital has pledged its support to a new friendly campaign, lauched by a terminally ill doctor, to help patients feel more comfortable in hospital.
ASSISTED dying is illegal in the UK, but a change in the law that will allow terminally ill people to be helped to end their lives is being considered by the House of Lords and was recently debated in the Senedd.
John Hickenlooper (D) signed into law the "Right to Try Act" (Colorado House Bill 14-1281), making Colorado the first state to give terminally ill patients access to drugs that have not been approved for patient use by the U.S.