lower shank

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low·er shank

(lō'ĕr shangk)
Portion of the functional shank nearest to the working-end; provides an important visual clue when selecting the correct working-end of an instrument.
Synonym(s): terminal shank.
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Subgingival Instruments 1-4 mm Name Blade Modification/Details description and area of use Nabers Furcation Diagnostic Modified terminal shank in a curved Probe shape to adapt into furcations with (Color-coded) 2 mm markings on the probe Designed for furcation detection <1mm Class I >1mm Class II Class III furcations connect and covered with soft tissue Class IV furcations connect and clinically exposed EXD 11/12 Explorer Diagnostic Old Dominion University explorer utilizing the shank design of a Gracey 11/12; tip is curved like the 11/12.
For example, if you are working on Quadrant I facial and you are scaling on the distal surface of tooth #3, the terminal shank of the Gracey 13/14 is diagonal, not parallel, to the long axis of the tooth and braced against the convexity of the facial aspect when the stroke is initiated (Figure 2).
If the handle of the instrument is moving away from the tooth during the stroke, you are performing the press-open stroke; and if the terminal shank is parallel to the long axis of the tooth when the stroke ends, you are performing the press-open stroke perfectly