terminal insomnia

terminal insomnia

a chronic sleep disturbance occurring at the end of a sleep period. It may be indicative of an underlying depressive disorder and treated with an antidepressant.

Patient discussion about terminal insomnia

Q. migraine headaches that wake you up early morning?

A. Nocturnal headaches, headaches which appear during the night and awaken the patient from sleep, characteristically occur with cluster headaches (another syndrome of chronic headache), but migraine can awaken patients as well.

However, in a patient with the recent onset of nocturnal headaches, brain tumor and glaucoma should be carefully excluded so consulting a doctor may be indicated.

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In turn, it helps generate secondary insomnia, and can reasonably be considered a likely causal or exacerbating factor in middle and terminal insomnia as well, although this has yet to be clearly established.
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