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There is really good literature around terminal event debriefings, so if somebody dies unexpectedly in the operating room or in the CT scanner, rather than just walking away and pretending nothing happened, we're supposed to pause and gather, and reflect on the sadness of the loss.
Bradycardic pulseless electrical activity (PEA) arrest is a clinical condition frequently encountered in the ED and one that often represents a terminal event. Here, we report a rare case of a patient suffering a cardiac arrest and ultimately deathlikelydue to rectal manipulation.
During the night it is likely she had a Hypoglycemic episode and her records suggest she had a cardiac arrest as a terminal event triggered by the low glucose level in her blood."
Thereafter, we examine differences between variables by terminal event type after the spin-off (Terminal Events Announcement section).
The radars, electro-optical tracking systems along the coast and the telemetry equipment in a downrange ship near the target point monitored the performance of the missile during the flight and recorded the terminal event. ( ANI )
When I started sailing in 8-foot prams many years ago, a capsize was a terminal event from which you couldn't recover without either outside help or a nearby beach.
"Sepsis followed by cardiac arrest is a terminal event in 99% of cases," said the doctor at AIIMS, referring to blood infection.
Creep rupture is the terminal event of creep and is a measure of the time that a material under a constant, applied tensile load takes to fail.
He presents 22 crisis management protocols for cardiac, circulatory, airway, respiratory, metabolic, and drug-induced events, such as cardiac arrest, pediatric advanced life support, anaphylaxis, severe intraoperative ischemia, air embolism, difficult mask ventilation and intubation, laryngospasm, aspiration, post partum hemorrhage, neonatal resuscitation, and malignant hyperthermia, with instructions and details for each, a terminal event checklist, and a crisis prevention guide.
The impressive gross picture of the esophagus reminds us of our previous article entitled "Intraepithelial Haemorrhage of the Oesophagus: A Terminal Event in Haematological Disorders." (2) In this original article on intraepithelial hemorrhage of the esophagus, all cases revealed the presence of black or redblack lesions in the esophagus, due to hemorrhage, but only black-and-white figures were used in the article.