terminal deletion

ter·mi·nal de·le·tion

deletion involving the terminal part of a chromosome and leading to an adhesive terminus.
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Herein, we report a six-year-old male who presented with developmental delay and short stature with a terminal deletion of 15q26.2q26.3.
To identify the 5' NCR terminal deletion, we performed a rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) PCR followed by an in-house NGS strategy.
It is well known that, the DNA sequencing essentially required Taq DNA polymerase and enzymes with N- terminal deletion [6].
An epileptic case with mosaic ring chromosome 6 and 6q terminal deletion. Epilepsy Research 2008; 80: 219-223.
Nancy Jameson is one of around 200 people worldwide to have the chromosome abnormality 11Q Terminal Deletion Disorder - also known as Jacobsen Syndrome.
Monosomy of lp36 (terminal deletion of chromosome 1) is an established cause of mental retardation and major congenital malformations in children, with an incidence of 1-2 children per 10,000 (Shaffer and Heilstedt 2001; Zenker et al.
The "p" arm had a 6.7Mb terminal deletion encompassing the interval 199,112bp-6,926,078bp at chromosome regions 9p24.3 to 9p24.1.
One possible explanation is that a terminal deletion in a chromosome may change the chromatin structure of the remaining arm, thereby changing its gene expression.
Terminal deletion of chromosome 5p in a patient with phenotypical features of LujanFryns syndrome.
Due to its role as a nuclear receptor coregulator and the role it plays in retinoic acid signaling, it is considered a candidate gene, which could contribute to the development of several phenotypes seen in individuals with proximal interstitial deletions or large terminal deletions of 1p36 [9].
Cytogenetic evaluation of lung tumor tissue showed 19q and 22q terminal deletions. Cytogenetic analysis of previous leiomyoma was not performed due to insufficient pathological material.
Another mechanism for the formation of inverted duplications associated with terminal deletions is a U-type exchange followed by telomere capture.
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