terminal deletion

ter·mi·nal de·le·tion

deletion involving the terminal part of a chromosome and leading to an adhesive terminus.
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To identify the 5' NCR terminal deletion, we performed a rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) PCR followed by an in-house NGS strategy.
His primary research interests include persistent coxsackievirus replication and enterovirus terminal deletion mechanisms.
It is well known that, the DNA sequencing essentially required Taq DNA polymerase and enzymes with N- terminal deletion [6].
An epileptic case with mosaic ring chromosome 6 and 6q terminal deletion.
Nancy Jameson is one of around 200 people worldwide to have the chromosome abnormality 11Q Terminal Deletion Disorder - also known as Jacobsen Syndrome.
7Mb terminal deletion encompassing the interval 199,112bp-6,926,078bp at chromosome regions 9p24.
Our data, together with a literature review of terminal deletions for chromosome 9 (Table 1), shows that sex reversal and ambiguous genitalia are associated with deletions of 9p, while deletions in both the p and q arms can lead to cardiac abnormalities.
Both deletion lines are in the background of cultivar Chinese Spring (CS) and differ only in the size of the terminal deletion, which is smaller in 1BS-4 compared to that in 1BS-19 (Endo and Gill, 1996).
Terminal deletion of chromosome 5p in a patient with phenotypical features of LujanFryns syndrome.
Another mechanism for the formation of inverted duplications associated with terminal deletions is a U-type exchange followed by telomere capture.
In 2011, our research team (EA-4684 CardioVir/FRS CAP-sant, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne) reported CVB strains presenting with genomic 5 terminal deletions ranging in size from 15 to 35 nucleotides in explanted heart tissue collected from patients suffering from idiopathic DCM.
This fusion can be associated with large terminal deletions, a process where portions of the chromosome or DNA sequences are missing.
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