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1. a definite period, especially the period of gestation, or pregnancy.
2. a word with a specific meaning, such as one used in a limited technical vocabulary.
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1. A definite or limited period.
See also: terminus, term infant.
2. A name or descriptive word or phrase.
See also: terminus, term infant.
[L. terminus, a limit, an end]
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1. A limited period of time.
2. The end of a normal gestation period.
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A word or string of words which are assigned a meaning or refer to a concept with a single meaning.
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1. A definite or limited period.
2. A name or descriptive word or phrase.
[L. terminus, a limit, an end]
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Q. What does the term ‘gestational’ diabetes mean? Hi, I was wondering what does having gestational diabetes mean because I have heard some friend of mine might have it.

A. Gestational diabetes is the term for diabetes that is discovered during pregnancy, and is triggered by it. Even though it may be transient, untreated gestational diabetes can damage the health of the fetus or mother. It affects about 1 in 50 pregnancies and is nowadays often diagnosed and treated early, thanks to the screening methods (glucose challenge tests) women undertake during their pregnancies.

Q. what does the term flat affect means?

A. "Flat affect: A severe reduction in emotional expressiveness. People with depression and schizophrenia often show flat affect. A person with schizophrenia may not show the signs of normal emotion, perhaps may speak in a monotonous voice, have diminished facial expressions, and appear extremely apathetic. Also known as blunted affect."

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couldn't said it better myself...:)

Q. What is the difference between Bipolar and depression under the medical term?

A. think of it like a light bulb. depression is an extinguished light bulb. and bipolar is a light bulb that start to light but has no boundaries, continuing intensify until the heat is so strong that it shut off again. doing that over and over again.

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