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, gen.


, pl.


(dōr'sŭm, -sī, -să), [TA]
1. The back of the body.
2. The upper or posterior surface, or the back, of any part, especially in the quadrupedal position.
Synonym(s): tergum
[L. back]


n. pl. ter·ga (-gə)
The dorsal portion of a body segment of an arthropod.

ter′gal (-gəl) adj.


the plate of thickened, often chitinous material on the dorsal side of an insect segment, forming part of the EXOSKELETON.
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Ecce autem gemini a Tenedo tranquilla per alta (horresco referens) immensis orbibus angues 205incumbunt pelago pariterque ad litora tendunt ; pectora quorum inter fluctus arrecta iubaeque sanguineae superant undas ; pars cetera pontum pone legit sinuatque immensa uolumine terga.
Two sampling stations in each beach (in fact Chatt El Hillal, Terga and Sassel beaches) were selected (Figure 5), in each one of them, of the water samples were taken (during February, December and April) then analyzed.
He has, however, yet again left out Bede's attack on earlier grammarians for their use of Vergil's terga fatigamus hasta.
Abdomen: Terga dark red-brown, largely apruinose except for silver pruinose anterolateral margins, dark red-brown and white setose.
Yn union 'run fath a'r gragen long, wrth i'r llanw godi, mae'r terga a'r scuta'n agor ac mae coesau'r anifail bach sydd y tu mewn yn cael eu hymestyn allan i dynnu bwyd i fewn i'w grombil.
Eu decidi fazer o MBA e estava trabalhando, gravida, ia pra Sao Paulo na terga, voltava na quinta e a aula era na sexta, as pessoas achavam que eu nao ia conseguir e eu sabia que era o ideal, mas eu queria terminar o MBA antes de o meu filho nascer.
6) Vestibulum ante ipsum primoque in limine Pyrrhus exsultat telis et luce coruscus aena: qualis ubi in lucem coluber mala gramina pastus, frigida sub terra tumidum quem bruma tegebat, nunc, positis nouus exuuiis nitidusque iuuenta, lubrica conuoluit sublato pectore terga arduus ad solem, et linguis micat ore trisulcis.
Mr Yousefi should have visited also on Thursday a set of ongoing projects in Ain Temouchent, including the water desalination station of Sidi Ben Adda, the power plant of Terga, and the high voltage transformer station.
The Roman codes of masculine conduct are explicitly subverted a few lines later, when the speaker declares that he would prefer to be tortured than succumb to money and break an oath, just as Marathus did: ure meum potius flamma caput et pete ferro I corpus et intorto verbere terga seca (Rather burn my head with fire and stab my body with steel and cut my rear with twisted scourge, 21-2).