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, gen.


, pl.


(dōr'sŭm, -sī, -să), [TA]
1. The back of the body.
2. The upper or posterior surface, or the back, of any part, especially in the quadrupedal position.
Synonym(s): tergum
[L. back]
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n. pl. ter·ga (-gə)
The dorsal portion of a body segment of an arthropod.

ter′gal (-gəl) adj.
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the plate of thickened, often chitinous material on the dorsal side of an insect segment, forming part of the EXOSKELETON.
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Abdomen: Terga dark red-brown, largely shiny apruinose except for narrow silver pruinose lateral margins, extensively white setose (few dark red-brown).
Abdomen length from abdominal scent orifice to tip 2.10; lengths of abdominal terga I-VII: 0.90; 0.20; 0.15; 0.15; 0.20; 0.25; 0.20.
Metasomal terga brown with olive hue and strong metallic gold and copper highlights; sterna brown with light brown apical margins.
34.34f Buechner `o pectora, o terga, o lacertorum tori, / vestrone pressu quondam Nemeaeus leo / frendens efflavit graviter extremum halitum?'.
Thorax: Pronotum whitish; meso and metanota yellowish; terga with scattered brownish stains.
Abdomen: Terga uniformly shaded with black, except submedian region of terga I-IV, and along lateral margins; sterna whitish shaded with pale gray.
Abdomen: abdominal terga smooth shiny, with only a few minute scattered punctures, especially on 15' and 2[degrees]a tergites (in preserved insects abdomen of uniformly dark olive green to red brown without any pattern); in the living specimen abdomen olive green, posterior parts of sternites with black markings of variable extent (in some specimens a dark red central line is present); tips of abdomen red; cerci conical, laterally slightly compressed, ending before tip of supra-anal plate; subgenital plate with blunt knob-like apex, supra-anal plate triangular (Fig.