Chian turpentine

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Chi·an tur·pen·tine

an exudation from Pistacia terebinthus, a small tree of Chios in the Mediterranean ocean and regions eastward; on exposure to air it thickens and forms translucent yellow masses similar to mastic.
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Thanks to its terebinth flavoured winds, Alacati is known worldwide with windmills and wind surfing.
The Stump of the Terebinth, Kwame Dawes; dir: Ron Himes.
The yellowish resin of the terebinth tree was also present.
Homs, SANA -- Famous for abundance of terebinth and oak trees and its charming climate, the historical village of Um al-Izam in the western countryside of Homs makes a unique tourist destination for many in the area.
The biomass used in this study is terebinth berry--the fruit of terebinth (Pistacia terebinthus).
Director of Suwaida Natural Resources Department Nazih Amasha said the reserve includes perennial trees aged 300 years such as oak, terebinth, wild pear and sumac.
000 oak and terebinth trees this year in the regions of Sarokhia and Ranques; along the Lebanese borders.
Several tree species grow in al-Assad Forest such as Aleppo pine and Atlantic terebinth.
It was established for preserving oak and terebinth trees in addition to protecting rare plant species such as maple, Syrian pear, Fir trees and some species of oak trees.
Villagers in the Syrian countryside are very interested in harvesting the fruits of Terebinth trees where women reap their fruits at the end of summer to sell them at the markets.