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Relating to teratology.
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Relating to teratology.
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(tĕr-ă-tŏl′ō-jē) [″ + logos, word, reason]
Branch of science dealing with the study of congenital deformities and abnormal development.
teratologic, adjective
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Teratologic dislocations, irreducible at birth, occur early in foetal development.
But data on newer antimanic drugs are sparse, putting the clinician between a teratologic rock and a clinical hard place.
Alcohol has been identified as a teratologic agent in pregnancy since biblical times.
We are interested in the possible teratologic effects of this cholesterol-lowering drug because women, who are pregnant, breast-feeding, or have liver disease, are warned not to use this medication.
Preclinical toxicology studies with acyclovir: teratologic, reproductive and neonatal tests.
As a congenital malformation that cannot be overlooked, [anencephaly] exemplifies the problems and difficulties of teratologic research in man.
A teratologic suppressor role for p53 in benzo[a] pyrene-treated transgenic p53-deficient mice.
Clinicians are frequently caught between a teratologic rock and a clinical hard place when it comes to the use of psychiatric medications during pregnancy.
Growth retardation was rarely observed among those embryos treated with either Prinivil or Norvasc at teratologic doses.