teratogenic effect

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ter·a·to·gen·ic ef·fect

(teră-tō-jenik e-fekt)
Appearance of anomalies and/or developmental defects due to exposure to a teratogenic agent during fetal development.
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The majority of women (n=81; 80.2%) indicated that they would prefer to be more informed about the teratogenic effects of warfarin in pregnancy.
The mechanism of the antimyeloma effect of thalidomide and other IMiDs remained unclear until researchers discovered the mechanism of the teratogenic effect of thalidomide and its direct combination with CRBN (Figure 1).
Teratogenic effects of metasystox-Rinthe stage 12 chick embryo.
cardiovascular & teratogenic effect of chronic intermittent noise stress.
Teratogenic effects of various di-n-butyltins with different anions and butyl (3-hydroxy butyl) tin dilaurate in rats.
Teratogenic effect on the cardiovascular system has: alcohol (leads to more frequent formation of IVSD, open arterial duct, IASD), amfetamines (condition IVSD, transposition of great vessels), anticonvulsive preparations--hydantoin (conditions stenosis of pulmonary artery and aorta, aorta coarctation, open arterial duct) and trimethadione (transposition of great vessels, Fallot's tetralogy, hypoplasia of heart left side), lithium (Ebshtein anomaly, tricuspid valve atresia, IASD), progestogens (Fallot's teralogy, complex CHD) (Belacon and Podzaicov, 1991; Djordjikiya et al., 2005).
The teratogenic effects of some species of plants using other animal models have been studied and reported.
Although malformations were observed, no significant teratogenic effect is evident for HA in Xenopus embryos.
DISCUSSION: Zidovudine exerts its teratogenic effect by inhibiting cell proliferation and cell differentiation thus causing hindrance in growth and development.
Immunopotentiation with rat splenocytes or GM-CSF was shown to partially normalize the teratogenic effect of CP, and was also found to partially decrease the CP-induced apoptotic process and exhibited a tendency to normalize the expression of p53 and bcl-2 in embryonic head and liver (Savion et al.).
Some human studies in the United Kingdom showed that women treated with meclizine (plus vitamin B12) had offspring with defects, while other studies showed meclizine having no teratogenic effect (Schardein, 1993).