tension test

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ten·sion test

(tenshŭn test)
Application of stress at the mucogingival junction by retracting cheek, lip, and tongue to tighten the alveolar mucosa and determine the presence of attached gingiva; area of missing attached gingiva is revealed when the alveolar mucosa and frena are connected directly to the free gingiva.
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At the tension test, MTS (Materials Testing System) closed-loop servohydraulic system and load cell having either 11 kN or 100 kN were used according to the test conditions.
Density.--OSB apparent density and vertical density profiles were measured on all tension test specimens (35 for each of the three directions and each of the three density groups, for a total of 315).
Caption: Figure 2: (a) Split-Hopkins tensile bar (SHTB) testing system; (b) specimen for the tension test under high strain rate; (c) specimen fixed in the SHTB system.
For each mix type, six specimens were compacted; one subset of the specimens (three specimen) was tested at temperature of 25[degrees]C (unconditioned specimens) in the indirect tension test, whereas the other subset was subjected to one cycle of freezing and thawing (16hrs in -18 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C and then, 24hrs in 60 [+ or -] 1[degrees]C) and then tested the same as the first subset (conditioned specimens).
4.5 Hot uniaxial tension test is the easiest way to differentiate between non-aging and aging steel.
For each angle section, 2 tension coupons were prepared for the tension tests, to obtain the mechanical properties of the steel angles.
In uniaxial tension test, the material properties vary dramatically at first cycles.
Among the topics are high-temperature inter-laminar tension test method development for ceramic matrix composites, the effect of coating parameters on the electrodeposition of nickel containing nano-sized alumina particles, the influence of particle size distribution of Wollastonite on the mechanical properties of chemically bonded phosphate ceramics, thermally sprayed functionally graded materials, and engineered self-organized microstructures using directional solidification of eutectics.
Sono state utilizzate le seguenti parole chiave: "Neurodynamic tension test"[MeSH] "Neurodynamics"[MeSH]), "Tension test"[MeSH], "Diagnostic testing/rehabilitation"[MeSH], senza limiti di data e nelle lingue inglese, spagnola, portoghese, francese e italiana.
The Upper Limb Tension test for the radial nerve trunk was used to assess the radial nerve as described in previous studies (5,6) (see figure 2).
(1990), Eq (8) can be also interpreted as the minimum steel ratio needed for a test setup to measure accurately the tension-softening branch in a plain concrete tension test under a load-controlled procedure.