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adj having a degree of elasticity; having the ability to be extended or stretched.
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As mentioned above, Dutton and Heaphy (2003) describe three capacities that distinguish a high-quality relationship: (1) higher emotional carrying capacity; (2) relationship tensility or the capacity of the relationship to bend and withstand strain and (3) degree of connectivity.
Specifically, we used five items for measuring emotional carrying capacity, four items for tensility, four items for the openness-based connectivity of a high-quality relationship, three items for a sense of positive regard and four items for mutuality constituting the subjective experience of a high-quality relationship.
Applications for Tensility cables include, but are not limited to, fiber optics, data transmission, audio/video, networking/computer, telecommunications, medical, automotive, and instrumentation.
Jeff Shafer, Digi-Key vice president of interconnect, passive and electromechanical product, said, "We are very pleased to announce this new partnership with Tensility.
Secondly, it remains to be demonstrated that the "catch" response reported by del Castillo and co-workers is quantitatively equivalent to the variable tensility of the CA described elsewhere in the literature.
In echinoderms, the occurrence of juxtaligamental elements is correlated very strongly with the capacity for variable tensility: they have been found in all confirmed mutable collagenous tissues (4), but are absent from echinoderm collagenous structures that lack the capacity for variable tensility (the nonautotomy tendons of an ophiuroid (26), compass-rotular ligaments of a sea urchin (27), and central spine ligament of E.