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inflammation of tendons and of tendon-muscle attachments, one of the most common causes of acute pain in the shoulder. It is frequently associated with a calcium deposit (calcific tendinitis), which may also involve the bursa around the tendon or near the joint, causing bursitis. Shoulder pain associated with calcific tendinitis is most pronounced when the affected arm is abducted between 50 and 130 degrees (the so-called painful arc). Called also tendonitis.

Short-term therapy is aimed at relieving pain and decreasing inflammation so that exercise is possible and permanent immobility of the shoulder is avoided. Medications that may be given include long-acting corticosteroids, given by injection directly into the painful area; short-term analgesics such as codeine or acetaminophen with codeine; and oral antiinflammatory agents. Applications of ice are more helpful in relieving pain than applications of heat, which usually aggravate the pain of calcific tendinitis. Once the patient is free of pain, exercise is begun to preserve motion. If the joint becomes fixed, surgical intervention may be necessary to break up adhesions and restore full mobility to the joint.
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(ten'di-nī'tis), Because this word is based on the Latin word tendo, with a genitive singular form of tendinis and a combining form that is therefore tendin(o), the spelling tendonitis is irregular.
Inflammation of a tendon.
Synonym(s): tendonitis, tenonitis (2)
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(ten'di-nī'tis )
Inflammation of a tendon.
Synonym(s): tendonitis, tenonitis (2) , tenontitis, tenositis.
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(ten'di-nī'tis )
Inflammation of a tendon.
Synonym(s): tendonitis, tenonitis (2) , tenontitis, tenositis.
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Under the trial, the company will enroll approximately 158 study patients with moderate to severe pain due to Achilles Tendonitis with failed conservative treatment for at least one month.
(2,3,9) Other crystal deposition diseases, which include gout (monosodium urate) and pseudogout (calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate), are similar to acute calcific longus colli tendonitis in that they all deposit a crystalline substance into the soft tissues.
The X-Stretch design mimics the taping methods typically recommended by medical professionals for prevention and relief of plantar fasciitis, heel pain and Achilles tendonitis.
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So what are the contributing factors to getting Achilles tendonitis? There are normally four main problems.
Then in 2010 Weglarz again struggled to stay in the lineup; he had a thumb injury as well as tendonitis from an off-season leg surgery.
Basically, tendonitis occurs when a particular tendon becomes inflamed or swollen through damage.
This 12-week study followed 85 Canadian postal workers who had suffered rotator cuff tendonitis for at least eight weeks.
DeQuervain's tendonitis is an inflammation of two tendons: the extensor pollicis brevis and the abductor pollicis longus as they cross in the first dorsal compartment of the wrist.
As well as suffering the obvious fatigue from such a gruelling encounter, the Scot was once again troubled by the tendonitis in his right knee which he is fast learning to live with.
The shoulder problem is known as rotator cuff calcific tendonitis, in which calcium deposits build up in the tendons of the shoulder, leading to pain and limited mobility in the joint.