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Superficialis-minus and subsequent swan neck deformity are seen in about 15% of cases of superficialis harvest for tendon transfer [10].
Tendon transfers should be undertaken with caution.
No functional recovery has been observed after 6 months and tendon transfer has been planned by the rehabilitation team and plastic surgeons.
Rehabilitation and outcomes of upper extremity tendon transfer surgery.
This time for a tendon transfer on her left arm which will enable her to straighten and lift it - and hopefully be able to swim again.
decision means for you and I, Advocacy and self-advocacy: Tools for securing equal access to health care and health insurance, Tendon transfer for individuals with spinal cord injury, Assistive Technology resources for children and adults and much more.
The aim of the study is to assess the functional outcome of tibialis posterior tendon transfer procedure and to identify factors that impact favourable outcome of tibialis posterior tendon transfer.
Surgical restoration of drop foot deformity with tibialis posterior tendon transfer.
From five months, Troy underwent nerve grafts at Leeds University Hospital and at the age of four, he also endured a tendon transfer to help improve his condition.
Chapter topics include anesthesia, all types of fractures and diseases, amputations and prosthetics, infections and infection injuries, nerve repair and nerve transfer, tendon transfer, replantation, and thumb reconstruction.
She later had tendon transfer surgery to improve range of motion of her wrist, and tendon release surgery on her shoulder.