tendon graft

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ten·don graft

a graft of tendon, most commonly used for transplantation or interposition.

tendon graft

a free graft of tendon used to replace a damaged tendon segment.


a sheet, cord or band of strong white fibrous tissue that connects a muscle to a bone or other structure. When the muscle contracts, or shortens, it pulls on the tendon. Tendons serve to convey an action to a remote site, change the direction of pull and focus the force. Sheetlike tendons (aponeuroses) serve to support and squeeze, cordlike ones to act on joints. See also cunean tendon.

tendon aponeuroses
bowed tendon
chronic tendinitis of the superficial flexor tendons, usually of the front limbs, of a horse. The horse is lame or inclined to lameness, the tendon is thickened and is visibly enlarged. It may be painful on palpation in the early, acute stages.
calcaneal tendon
tendon cartilaginous metaplasia
focal metaplasia with the formation of cartilage in tendons causes no apparent harm and is considered to be normal.
common calcanean tendon
congenital tendon contracture
an inherited contracture of multiple tendons is identified in cattle. The joints are fixed in extension or flexion and cause serious dystocia. See also akabane virus disease.
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Congenital contracture of flexor tendons. By permission from Blowey RW, Weaver AD, Diseases and Disorders of Cattle, Mosby, 1997
contracted t's
see tendon contracture (below).
tendon contracture
permanent contraction of a tendon caused by chronic tendinitis. Most commonly of the flexor tendons of the digit in the horse. The action of the affected limb is restricted and the limb is not fully extended at rest causing the animal to stand up on its toe. Called also contracted tendons.
flexor t's
tendons of the superficial and deep flexor muscles of the digit. Commonly strained, lacerated and separated in the racing horse.
tendon graft
done in horses with badly torn or ruptured flexor tendons. Autologous grafts are taken from the lateral digital extensor tendon.
hamstring tendon
tendon implants
internal biceps tendon
a core of fibrous tissue within the biceps muscle of horses which serves a significant role in the stay apparatus.
interosseous tendon
suspensory ligament (1).
tendon luxation
slipping of the superficial flexor tendon of the hindlimb of the horse off the tuber calcis, usually in the medial direction; also occurs rarely in dogs and ostriches. See also perosis.
tendon osseous metaplasia
a pathological abnormality and usually attended by abnormality of movement. See also tendon ossification (below).
tendon ossification
occurs extensively in gallinaceous birds in the tendons of the legs and feet, the wings and the epaxial musculature. Although the ossification may be extensive the birds are normal and the reasons for the changes are unknown.
prepubic tendon
the tendon of insertion of the two abdominal recti muscles on to the pubis.
tendon sheath
a fluid-filled sleeve that resembles a synovial bursa wrapped around the tendon so as to form a continuous sheath, except for the mesotendon.
tendon splitting
performed by slitting the superficial flexor tendon (or the suspensory ligament) along its long axis and from lateral to medial sides as a treatment for tendinitis. The objective is to stimulate vascularization and hasten repair.
tendon sprain
see sprain.
sprained tendon
see tendon strain (below).
tendon strain
the injury caused to flexor tendons in the horse during racing. Most commonly affected is the superficial flexor tendon in the front limb. See also bowed tendon (above). Called also sprained tendon.
symphysial tendon
a vertical median sheet which hangs from the pubic symphysis and provides an origin for the medial thigh muscles.
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