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natural tenderizing is caused by the action of enzymes already in tissues. This effect can be enhanced by quick freezing before rigor mortis sets in, and by hanging the meat at the proper temperature for the proper time, especially just before cooking. Called also conditioning. Artificial tenderizing is carried out by stretching or pounding the meat with a proper hammer with a hobnail hammer face, by electrical stimulation or by application of one of the commercial enzyme preparations of papain (from pawpaw) or bromelin (from pineapple).

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Q. sore thorat

A. sore throat usualy caused by a virus infecting the area, then the only thing you can do is wait, take a teaspoon of huney every now and then (it has septic abilities)and that's it. but it could be a bacterial infection (mostly come with fever- sometimes not) and that needs an antibiotic treatment. to determine for sure a doctor needs to do a swab of the throat.
hope that helped!! :)

Q. Are cold sores contagious? My boyfriend has cold sores on his mouth. Can I catch it from him? If so, how can I prevent catching it?

A. Cold sores contain the HSV-1 virus, which is the herpes simplex virus . While your boyfriend has cold sores, he should wash his hands often, especially after touching his face. He shouldn't share cups and eating utensils with others since he is very contagious. You should not kiss him or touch the cold sores either, in order not to be infected.

Q. I have a sore throat should I take antibiotics? I am a 19 years old collage student. in the past few days I feel a sore throat and I have pain in my left neck. I feel a new "lump" in my neck, it is a soft lump and its very tender to palpation. I also have a low degree fever (something like 37.8 c). How can i know if I need antibiotics?

A. You might need an antibiotic therapy. In general, sore throat that goes along without red eyes and general malaise tends to be with a bacterial origin and require antibiotic therapy. If it happens to many times, you can do a surgery to remove the tonsils as you can see here

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In the other tenderization method, hydrodynamic pressure processing exposes packaged meat to a supersonic shock wave under water.
Tenderization is caused by the enzyme [micro]-calpain degrading some muscle proteins.
Toward the end of the toughening phase, while the carcass is hanging in a cooler, the tenderization phase begins, which makes most meat--but not all--suitably tender.
You need a tearing in only 20 percent of the A bands to get a in tenderization," Zuckerman says, and Hydrodyne's treatment may induce rips in 80 percent of them.
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