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Nonetheless, the members generally believed that if the recovery tended to unfold as they were projecting, pressures on production resources would remain subdued and efforts to contain labor and other business costs would continue, especially in the context of very competitive markets for most products.
In foreign exchange markets, the dollar tended to weaken in reaction to the easing of U.
In some trials, a specific combination of envelope color and symbol (say, green and X) tended to occur together, thus bearing a positive relationship, or tended not to occur together, providing a negative relationship.
The faster growth tended to support expectations of a near-term recovery in economic activity.
While concerns over the Fed have tended to dampen stocks in recent months, managers now appear ready for the reverse to take place - in the market overall and for large-cap growth in particular.
When Manning began to think about how elites could have more boys, he noticed that ``serial monogamist'' monarchs tended to take increasingly younger women as their second, or in the case of Henry VIII, sixth wives.
Cannibals developed only 40 percent of the time in single-family aquariums and tended to do so later, when their siblings were less vulnerable, Pfennig and Collins report in the April 29 NATURE.
During these periods, discretionary spending-based industries, such as the apparel, automotive and leisure sectors, tended to lag behind this market average.
Brash said they also found that the p53 cells tended to form in patches instead of being randomly distributed.
Though cancer patients also tended to have higher concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a trace contaminant in some foods, the increase proved statistically insignificant.
A study by psychologist Robert Pynoos of 113 elementary children in a Los Angeles school where a sniper attack took place showed that kids who saw the attack tended to minimize their personal risk, while those who didn't see it tended to exaggerate it.