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, gen.


, pl.


(tem'pŭs, -pŏ-ris, -pŏ-ră),
1. The temple.
2. Synonym(s): time
[L. time]


, pl. tempora (tem'pŭs, -ō-ră)
1. The temple.
2. Synonym(s): time.
[L. time]
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The partnership with Tempus Energy is the latest in a series of initiatives by Origin which aim to anticipate and respond to changing customer demands, including:
Assuming successful testing of the installed equipment during flight, Tempus intends to continue to offer the system for a variety of commercial and military purposes starting in 2018.
This agreement provides an excellent opportunity for MENA Tempus to take advantage of fast growth in the GCC region and increasing demand for both business and personal jet services," said Transportation Minister and EDB acting chief executive Kamal Ahmed.
As we expand our modification and completions capability, it is prudent to establish a presence in the GCC in order to build and maintain relationships with customers who represent the largest concentration of VVIP aircraft in the world" said Scott Terry, CEO of Tempus Jets.
We believe that providing technical services on a local level will accelerate the growth for the Mena Tempus brand in this dynamic region of the world," he added.
Rami Ayoubi, the National Coordinator for Tempus Programme in Syria at the Ministry of Higher Education, said that the purpose of holding these activities is to introduce Tempus' projects in Syria, particularly concerning the higher education domain.
The money allocated under the Tempus Programme will support approximately 50 multilateral partnerships aiming at modernising curricula, teaching methods and management of the participating institutions and systems in the neighbouring countries, namely Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Syria, Tunisia and Ukraine.
Opal Tempus 10 is a design and build opportunity, for sale or to let, with outline planning permission for up to 102,258 sq ft of B2 and B8 space.
Tempus is one of a number of European Community programmes designed to help the process of social and economic reform and/or development in the EU partner countries.
The computers, worth pounds 300 each, have been provided by Link2iCT, the Learning Solutions division of Service Birmingham, and Tempus Computers.
Words from the Latin tempus have something to do with time.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-16 May 2006-Virgin Atlantic to install Tempus medical device on aircraft(C)1994-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.