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, gen.


, pl.


(tem'pŭs, -pŏ-ris, -pŏ-ră),
1. The temple.
2. Synonym(s): time
[L. time]


, pl. tempora (tem'pŭs, -ō-ră)
1. The temple.
2. Synonym(s): time.
[L. time]
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These forward-looking statements are based on Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings' current expectations and assumptions and include, among other things, statements, expectations and assumptions regarding the acquisition of Proflight Aviation Services by Tempus Applied Solutions LLC.
RDT's Director of Systems Engineering and Test, Dr Leigh Cornock, comments, "These advances demonstrate RDT's commitment to on-going development of the Tempus Pro transport monitor, launched in June last year.
The national Tempus office was established in 2003 to implement, coordinate and promote the Tempus programme in Lebanon.
The Tempus Pro features a daylight readable display, long battery life, intuitive interface and a glove-friendly touch screen that enables ease of use for both advanced and basic life support paramedics and emergency practitioners.
The Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Bahrain Embassy in Washington have welcomed MENA's joint venture with Tempus in Bahrain and supported it along.
As we expand our modification and completions capability, it is prudent to establish a presence in the GCC in order to build and maintain relationships with customers who represent the largest concentration of VVIP aircraft in the world" said Scott Terry, CEO of Tempus Jets.
It is a great pleasure to welcome this joint venture between Mena Aerospace and Tempus Jets to Bahrain," said Kamal bin Ahmed, Minister of Transportation and acting chief executive of the EDB.
Tempus, which has operations in several states, is based at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport in South Carolina.
The acquisition is expected to allow Tempus Jets to expand its aviation service capabilities while allowing Global Trip Support access to Tempus Jets' offices and resources.
Rami Ayoubi, the National Coordinator for Tempus Programme in Syria at the Ministry of Higher Education, said that the purpose of holding these activities is to introduce Tempus' projects in Syria, particularly concerning the higher education domain.
Onyx Tempus 10, could create up to 900 new jobs for the area when completed.
The 5th National Tempus Conference concluded at the University of Jordan (UJ) aimed at boosting partnership between higher educational institutions in Jordan and European Union counterparts.