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, gen.


, pl.


(tem'pŭs, -pŏ-ris, -pŏ-ră),
1. The temple.
2. Synonym(s): time
[L. time]
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, pl. tempora (tem'pŭs, -ō-ră)
1. The temple.
2. Synonym(s): time.
[L. time]
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Helping attract suitors for Tempus Realty was a nearly $4.3 million investment to enhance the property, developed in 1996 50 miles west of Charlotte, North Carolina.
Under the contract, once the aircraft modifications have been completed, fifty hours of flight operations and testing are to be conducted by Tempus in the United States and selected oceanic areas.
The national Tempus office was established in 2003 to implement, coordinate and promote the Tempus programme in Lebanon.
The Tempus Pro features a daylight readable display, long battery life, intuitive interface and a glove-friendly touch screen that enables ease of use for both advanced and basic life support paramedics and emergency practitioners.
The Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Bahrain Embassy in Washington have welcomed MENA's joint venture with Tempus in Bahrain and supported it along.
The Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Bahrain Embassy in Washington were very supportive of MENA's Joint Venture with Tempus in Bahrain.
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Tempus will relocate a jet overhaul operation from Newport News International Airport to Maine, where there's more space to expand, Levesque said.
First up, I had the Tempus Seafood Cocktail (PS8.75), a modern take on the traditional dish with a variety of shellfish including prawns, crab and crayfish in dressings.
The event was also an opportunity to introduce the newly established National Tempus Office in Libya, whose purpose is to disseminate information about the EU education programs and support Libyan institutions in preparing applications.
THE view is spectacular at any time of the year but on a sunny evening there can be few more attractive places to eat in South Wales than the Tempus at Tides restaurant at St David's Hotel.
Tempus Jets Inc, a subsidiary of the US-based Orion Air Group family of companies, that provides aviation services, has announced its sponsorship of the first annual James River Jam, to be held on November 11, 2011, at Busch Gardens' Royal Palace Theatre, in Williamsburg, Virginia, US.