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Medspeak To perform a ‘quick & dirty’ procedure to buy time while preparing for a definitive life-saving procedure
Vox populi To act evasively in order to gain time, avoid argument, or postpone a decision
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Yet the administration has chosen to temporize in its dealing with Pyongyang in order to focus on the unnecessary, UN-authorized confrontation with Iraq.
The incentive to temporize in respect of methods discovered to be erroneous is particularly acute for Coordinated Examination Program (CEP) taxpayers whose only options for consideration of a method change in a nonadversarial setting are the 120- or 30-day windows.
28) Nothing determines the propriety of now going ahead to temporize or produce a series of downbeats.
Winding Temperature Should Be Tw 140 Degree Centigrade , Temporize T.
Winding Temperature Should Be Tw -120 Degree Centigrade , Temporize T- 70 Degree Centigrade , Conforming To Is: 6616-1982, Iec:922 And 923, Current Amp: 1.
It, then, temporizes, adding that "Margin indicators and intermediate operating results can be assessed only at the level of the consolidated results of the Group's companies.