temporary crown

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tem·po·rar·y crown

(tempŏr-ar-ē krown)
Short-term artificial replacement for the natural crown of a tooth.
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The assistant then seats the (still soft) temporary crown and instructs the patient to occlude into it.
My salary was increased and my assistant duties were extended, allowing me to perform labwork, make temporary crowns, remove sutures, and do a variety of tasks that I had previously not been able to accomplish.
Contract notice: Dental consumables & orthodontics (Including local anaesthetics & pharmaceuticals rotary instruments consumables hand instruments endodontics restoratives general hygiene impression materials finishing & polishing materials linings & cements matrix systems practice building prevention surgical products pins & posts temporary crowns & materials X-Ray consumables small equipment & handpieces toothbrushes toothpaste and mouthwash).
During that time, patients are given temporary crowns or dentures.
The grizzly Pressley teeth like a row of condemnedhouses had set thetone for an explosive opening from the Jambos by declaring himself ready for action despite having a gob full of temporary crowns after running into Patrick Kluivert's elbow in Amsterdam.
The international defender had two of his front teeth knocked out by Patrick Kluivert's flying elbow in the 6-0 defeat, but two temporary crowns will get him through today's derby and the midweek UEFA Cup tie against Bordeaux.

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