temporary crown

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tem·po·rar·y crown

(tempŏr-ar-ē krown)
Short-term artificial replacement for the natural crown of a tooth.
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The use of proper techniques like placement of temporary crown and proper sealing of the temporary and permanent restoration causes no permanent injury to the vital pulpal tissues, thus, not always necessatating the need of RCT in some cases.
The temporary crown of this historically more sensitive approach is the wonderful Cambridge History of Seventeenth-Century Philosophy (1998), weighing in at over 1,500 pages.
I was chewing a white toffee bonbon while arguing with a caller, he wound me up and I bit on it right in the centre of my temporary crown while shouting at him.
The second endodontist successfully performed a root canal and replaced the temporary crown with a permanent crown.
Stuart Nordstrom made her a temporary crown, a patient griped about the similar compounds she used as a manicurist to fashion fingernails.
It eliminates the weeks-long process of waiting for a laboratory to create a crown, as well as the need for a temporary crown.
Some assistants allow the (initially soft) temporary material completely polymerize into a hard temporary crown inside the patient's mouth while the patient is occluding into the triple tray.
Wong fondled the woman's breasts after putting her under sedation for a temporary crown, said Johannah Cutts, prosecuting.
A temporary crown is placed over the implant post allowing the patient to leave the office with a new smile.
Limited Tenders are invited for Pvms 100831 Provisional Kit For Temporary Crown Works

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