provisional callus

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pro·vi·sion·al cal·lus

the callus that develops to keep the ends of the fractured bone in apposition; it is absorbed after union is complete.
Synonym(s): temporary callus

provisional callus

A temporary deposit between the ends of a fractured bone that is reabsorbed when true bone develops.
See also: callus


1. localized hyperplasia of the horny layer of the epidermis due to pressure or friction. In dogs, these often form over pressure points such as the elbow, hock and (in some breeds) sternum, particularly if the animal is sleeping on a hard surface.
2. an unorganized network of woven bone formed about the ends of a broken bone; it is absorbed as repair is completed (provisional callus), and ultimately replaced by true bone (definitive callus).

bridging callus
bridging the callus gap.
external callus
around the outside of a fracture.
hard callus
fully mineralized.
hypertrophic callus
a form of delayed healing in which fibrocartilage forms between fracture fragments, resulting in a false callus. Called also elephant's foot callus.
internal callus
between the ends of fractured bones.
periosteal callus
new bone formed by the proliferation of periosteal osteogenic cells.
provisional callus
a subsequently remodeled callus.
callus pyoderma
secondary bacterial infection, particularly of pressure point calluses in dogs; can be extensive with deep pyogenic inflammation.
soft callus
the originating fibobrocellular tissue before calcification.
sternal callus
may develop over a prominent sternum in some breeds of dogs, particularly Dachshunds, in response to pressure.
temporary callus
see provisional callus (above).
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