temporal surface

tem·po·ral sur·face

the surface of a bone that contributes to the formation of the temporal fossa, namely, the greater wing of the sphenoid (facies temporalis ala major ossis sphenoidalis [TA]) ,the squamous part of the temporal (facies temporalis pars squamous ossis temporalis [TA]), frontal (facies temporalis squama ossis frontalis [TA]), and zygomatic bones (facies temporalis ossis zygomaticum [TA]).
Synonym(s): facies temporalis [TA]
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Afterward, equation of temporal surface passing through the three recording stations around the area was determined using SPSS software.
2--Determining temporal surface equation in every rainfall events
In spite of the fact that the number of recording rain-gauge stations in the region was limited, amount of precipitation in each subbasin was determined according to precipitation of the nearest station, thus this model is concomitantly applicable to the regions low in station frequency; nevertheless, in regions with more stations, rainfall temporal surface equation can be more accurate.
It too reduces to the language of patina, of temporal surface, just as the patina of his sculptures becomes liquid gesture.
These may occur in any of the narrative or temporal surfaces of the poem: in the present (as recounted by the poet-orator) in a mythical locus like Mount Olympus; in a fabulous one like the Isle of Love or the watery realm of Adamastor; or in a real place like Africa or India.