temporal squama

squa·mous part of tem·po·ral bone

the broad, flat, thin (scalelike) anterior and superior portion of the temporal bone forming part of the lateral wall of the cranial vault.
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The most important factor for the skull fracture was the placement of the pin in normal, but relatively thin temporal squama. Based on our experience, if pin fixation is felt necessary, placement of the pins to avoid the temporal squama may avoid such complications.
The pterion is an irregular H shaped sutural confluence in the temporal fossa of the skull formed by the frontal, parietal, sphenoid and temporal squama (Williams et al., 1998).
The therapist uses their hands to compress the participant's temporal squama before slowly releasing the pressure.
* Catalano and Eden reported using the head of the malleus and the lateral cortex of the temporal squama at the zygoma root as external references to identify the internal auditory canal.

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