temporal fascia

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tem·po·ral fas·ci·a

the fascia covering the temporal muscle; it is composed of two layers, lamina superficialis and lamina profunda; both attach above to the superior temporal line but diverge inferiorly to attach to the lateral and medial surfaces of the zygomatic arch.
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showed that the deep temporal fascia plays a fundamental role in the transfer of tension and stretching forces generated by temporal muscles on the masticatory system [74].
The ramus parietalis-ramus frontalis division of the superficial temporal artery was defined, a 2 cm skin incision was performed and advanced until the temporal fascia dissecting the subcutaneous tissues.
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Orbital ligament lies between the superolateral orbital rim and the superficial temporal fascia (Knize).
To stabilize the diced cartilage fragment, Daniel used autologous deep temporal fascia as a wrapping material in diced rhinoplasty, without absorption.
Postauricular fascia is thicker than temporal fascia but can be folded to wrap diced cartilage grafts.
The superficial layer of the temporal fascia [2] corresponds to the temporal superficial layer or the temporoparietal fascia [3, 4, 6, 20].
After surgical division of the bands, reconstruction can be carried out using split skin graft, palatal island flap, superficial temporal fascia flap, bilateral tongue flaps, buccal fat pad, bilateral nasolabial flaps and bi pedicled radial forearm free flap.
Because this layer is continuous laterally with the temporal fascia overlying the temporalis muscle, it is particularly sensitive to jaw tension.
Surgical Methods: Myoperiosteal flap on the muscle pedicle was prepared by using temporal fascia after making a postauricular incision.

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