temporal canals

tem·po·ral ca·nals

canals in the zygomatic bone transmitting the zygomaticofacial and zygomaticotemporal nerves and vessels.
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It was connected with the supratemporal and temporal canals (Figs.
The cephalic lateral line canals nomenclature follows the criteria described by Webb (1989): PR: preopercular canal, MD: mandibular canal, SO: supraorbital canal, IO: infraorbital canal, OT: otic canal, PO: postorbital canal, ST: supratemporal canal, T: temporal canal. The counting of the cephalic pores was made from the anterior cephalic region to the caudal end.
It is possible to assert the presence of eighth canals: the preopercular canal (PR), the mandibular canal (MD), the supraorbital canal (SO), infraorbital canal (IO), otic canal (OT), post-otic canal (PO), supratemporal canal (ST) and temporal canal (T).
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