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tempering (hardening heat treatment),

n the hardening or toughening of steels by heating. Treatment of an alloy in such a manner that solid-solid transformation occurs. Precipitation of intermetallic substances occurs, increasing the proportional limit and hardness of the alloy.
tempering, gold,
n the hardening of gold alloys by cold working or by heating and then cooling slowly.
tempering, hydrocolloid,
n storing of the material after liquefaction at a temperature that will increase the viscosity to the optimal manipulative degree of solidity.
tempering, steel,
n counteracting of the hardening heat treatment to the extent needed for the particular tool or structure. It is heated to a predetermined temperature and then quenched in water or oil.

Patient discussion about tempering

Q. What are the symptoms of Bipolar? and how does it effect one's health/temper?

A. here is a nice video i saw that describes bipolar symptoms:

and about how it affect your health- the affect is secondary. when you are in a depression episode you don't eat well, avoid showers and cleaning the house and it affects your health. and it leads to suicidle thoughts too- this has a tremendous afect on your health.

Q. what is the effect of hormones during pregnancy on a woman's temper?

A. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can indeedn cause mood changes, starting from anxiety or agitations to developing major clinical symptoms of depression. Pregnancy affects each woman differently.

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