temperature regulation

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1. the act of adjusting or state of being adjusted to a certain standard.
2. in biology, the adaptation of form or behavior of an organism to changed conditions.
3. the power to form a whole embryo from stages before the gastrula.
4. the biochemical mechanisms that control the expression of genes.
hemodynamic regulation in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as optimization of heart rate, preload, afterload and contractility. See also hemodynamic monitoring.
temperature regulation in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as attaining and/or maintaining body temperature within a normal range.
temperature regulation: intraoperative in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as attaining and/or maintaining desired intraoperative body temperature.

temperature regulation

a nursing intervention from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) defined as attaining and/or maintaining body temperature within a normal range. See also Nursing Interventions Classification.

temperature regulation

The process by which body temperature is maintained within narrow limits. Blood temperature is monitored in the hypothalamus of the brain. A drop in temperature prompts closure of the skin blood vessels and shivering; a rise in temperature results in skin flushing and sweating so that heat may be lost by radiation and evaporation. In fevers, the hypothalamic thermostat is set high and shivering and skin vessel closure raise the temperature.

temperature regulation

the maintenance of body temperature at a steady level. This occurs to some extent in all vertebrates and many invertebrates, but applies particularly to HOMOIOTHERMS. In humans, a constantbody temperature of 36.9 °C is maintained, and this is the optimum temperature for normal metabolic reactions involving enzymes.

Various mechanisms bring about temperature regulation. In mammals and birds, hair and feathers trap air which acts as insulation. Sweating acts as a cooling mechanism, and animals in cooler climates have a smaller surface area/volume ratio (see BERGMANN'S RULE). Subcutaneous fat also acts as an insulation; superficial blood vessels constrict in response to cold and dilate in warm conditions, so taking blood away from the skin surface when it is cold and to the skin surface when warm. The centre for controlling body temperature lies in the HYPOTHALAMUS.

Plants also control their temperature and keep cool by transpiration, losing the latent heat of EVAPORATION. On the loss of too much water they wilt, but this results in their leaves being moved (by drooping) from the direct rays of the sun so that in effect they remain cooled until sunset.

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Improved tip temperature regulation is critical, both during soldering and when idle, to prevent the tip attaining excessive temperatures.
The opiate receptor system affects several aspects of female reproductive neuroendocrinology, such as the levels of sex hormones and neurotransmitters that are important for temperature regulation.
The V18 features precise shot control, unmatched temperature regulation and can perform injection molding without the need for a shut-off nozzle, in many applications, according to the company.
It has a built-in temperature regulation system that causes it to fuse and spew water as soon as the mercury nudges towards 0C.
Features on various models include ovens with temperature regulation and closed-door broiling.
At the Braga stadium, the Eurodisc SE self-closing shower thermostat offers simple, constant temperature regulation and user-friendly stop-start functionality.
Scientists think that RPCF might one day be able to replace today's antibiotic treatments, which are coupled with ambient temperature regulation, better hygiene, and zinc oxide applications.
The temperature regulation system available on the VIVA 340 Waterless controls the temperature of the plate cylinders and oscillating rollers with water circulation, as well as the temperature of the web through a cooling of the UV drier undershieldings.
Whatever their symptoms,all sufferers will have a depressed hypothalamus, the gland which controls sleep,hormone function and temperature regulation.
The dopamine D3 receptor that is specifically targeted by ropinirole may be pivotal to many autonomically controlled functions, including sleep, vasomotor and cardiovascular function, gastric acidity, bowel motility, and temperature regulation.
Some of the health problems, such as poor temperature regulation, are basically harmless.
Technical terms such as "phase change materials," temperature regulation," and "adaptive comfort," while accurate, generated big yawns.

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