temperature coefficient

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tem·per·a·ture co·ef·fi·cient

the fractional change in any physical property per degree rise in temperature.
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temperature coefficient

see Q10 .
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Relationship between temperature and toxicity may be calculated by temperature coefficient (Khan and Akram, 2014).
With a temperature coefficient of [+ or -]0.5 Pa/[degrees]C, the MEMS capacitive temperature stable pressure sensor can operate over wide temperature ranges and a variety of applications.
The absolute temperature coefficient of the photovoltaic cell efficiency can be determined by linear fitting of the efficiency dependence on the temperature.
The output temperature coefficient indicates the degree of such decline.
The positive temperature coefficient of the APD has been experimentally found and theoretically described by Tyagi where the breakdown voltage of the Si APD followed a linear expression with temperature [16].
Therefore, in this paper presents the CMOS voltage reference circuit design based on the new current summation technique that have opposite temperature coefficient for reference voltage generation which stabilized over process, supply voltage and temperature variations and proposed circuit is able to operate without complex startup circuit which this technique was reduced number of MOS transistors and providing an accurate voltage reference for low supply voltage operations.
Battery temperature is monitored by Negative temperature coefficient (NTC) gauge, preventing overheating damage to the battery itself and to the power bank.
FYI: The [Q.sub.10] temperature coefficient indicates the rate of change of a biological or chemical system as a result of a temperature increase of 10 C.
Figure 2 shows the temperature distribution uniformity roughly; in order to analyze the temperature uniformity quantificationally, temperature coefficient of variation of the midsection temperature distribution within wood is studied.
* A 25 ppm temperature coefficient standard, 15 ppm optional.
This temperature coefficient is typically expressed in percent change per degree.
According to the company, the 90E32 and 90E36 poly-phase metering ICs feature the industry's widest dynamic range of 5000:1 (90E32) and 6000:1 (90E36) and the lowest temperature coefficient with proprietary temperature compensation technology, offering improved performance over a wide range of usage patterns and environmental conditions.

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