temperature coefficient

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tem·per·a·ture co·ef·fi·cient

the fractional change in any physical property per degree rise in temperature.

temperature coefficient

see Q10 .
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The output temperature coefficient indicates the degree of such decline.
3) Positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC) are used in conjunction with an op amp.
Key words: Alanine; dosimeter; dosimetry; gamma ray; irradiation temperature; temperature coefficient.
In this article not mean values of temperature coefficient of thermoanthracite SER within 15-700 [degrees]C range are presented, but its differential value determined within each 50-degree interval of thermoanthracite heating within the same temperature range.
Physical design, temperature coefficient, bandgap voltage references
The standard temperature coefficient is 3770 ppm/K.
2 [ohms] @ 0[degree)C, a temperature coefficient of 0.
It was found that the temperature coefficient of the electrical resistivity for AZ91E alloy is smaller in the liquid state than that in the solid state.
Meter preferences and default calibrations can be customized, the normalization temperature and TDS factor are adjustable, and the temperature coefficient can be altered for solutions with a different coefficient from that of water.
This last option allows AEC to correct for the negative temperature coefficient of various magnetic materials.
For example, on the sample used in figure 6, the temperature coefficient of resistivity was measured as being (8% [+ or -] 1%)/ [degrees] C.

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