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1. temperature
2. template
3. temporary
4. Latin tempore (in the time of)
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Q. what is the red line when your body temperature drops before you are getting hypothermia?

A. Hypothermia is a condition in which an organism's temperature drops below that required for normal metabolism and function. For people in stage 1 hypethermia, body temperature drops by 1-2°C below normal temperature (35-36°C). Mild to strong shivering occurs. In stage 2, body temperature drops by 2-4°C (35-33 degrees). Shivering becomes more violent. Muscle mis-coordination becomes apparent and movements are slow and labored and there is mild confusuin. In stage 3, body temperature drops below approximately 32 °C (89.6 °F). Shivering usually stops and there's difficulty speaking, sluggish thinking, and amnesia start to appear. Cellular metabolic processes shut down. This is life threatening.

Q. I feel that my temperature is rising, I am worried as it was told to me to not take on any medicine? I am currently in my 1st trimesters and last week I had fever over 100. I took paracetamol and I got well. Again today I feel that my temperature is rising and it has gone pretty high. My body is on high pain l and I think I must meet a doctor this time. What you guys have to say……I am worried as it was told to me to not take on any medicine but I had taken one ………what can happen?

A. First, congratulations for the pregnancy. I agree with falseact, you should see your OB-GYN doctor for a consult. But here I paste a data that might be useful to calm your worry..

Acetaminophen or paracetamol labeling, like all OTC medications, instructs consumers who are pregnant or nursing a baby to contact their doctor before use. Acetaminophen or paracetamol has been used for over 40 years and available data indicate that acetaminophen in therapeutic doses does not adversely affect the pregnant mother or the fetus.

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7874; such partnerships are treated as foreign corporations and EAG members for purposes of determining the existence of a surrogate foreign corporation; see Temp. Regs.
Therefore, male temps experience a kind of double discrimination--first for being a temp, and second for being a male temp. Rogers also includes anecdotes that support her theory that client companies prefer young, white, female temps to minorities.
Many maneuver to get longer-term assignments where they can become known and respected, and called by their name rather than "the Temp."
I've found it a very important motive for hiring an executive temp. Few managers disagree that there's less long-term damage to the organization - and to top management's hold on the remaining shreds of worker loyalty - when all the anger over layoffs, firings, or a department's elimination leaves with the temp who executed them.
Lena is tired of being a temp. For a year now, she's been looking for a full-time job--no luck.
Based on the comments received, however, the IRS eliminated the SCBM and replaced it with the services cost method (SCM) described in Temp. Regs.
For the past two years, Hoy has worked an average of 40 hours a week as a professional temp. She has no immediate plans to commit herself to one company.
On October 17, 2002, the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service issued guidance under sections 6011 and 6112 of the Internal Revenue Code substantially modifying the rules relating to the disclosure and reporting of certain transactions under Temp. Reg.
Some are insincere about the opportunities they can offer and may not be able to place the temp. So be clear about your objectives.
Eight examples illustrate the application of the EAG rules; see Temp. Regs.