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A goal to be attained by planned conduct.
[G. telos, end, + -osis, condition]
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GA Telesis, LLC MRO Services announced that the company has signed a long-term Repair and Overhaul License Agreement and Parts Supply Agreement with Honeywell, the company said.
have jointly announced that GA Telesis has raised a new USD 500 million investment vehicle from institutional and private clients advised by WCP Inc.
Through iGEAR, GA Telesis will be the only company capable of a customizable program covering flight-hour and supply-chain programs that will combine component supply-chain with aerostructure and engine maintenance for commercial airline fleets.
GA Telesis Engine Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of GA Telesis, LLC.
The acquisition was carried out via GA Telesis' fully-controlled unit GA Telesis Engine Services Oy (GATES).
Examiners even reported Telesis "applying a zero percent historical loss rate over MBLs" when current delinquencies at Telesis and industry-wide suggested much higher rates, the OIG said.
Allied Telesis said in the presentation that the product would enable every small, mid-size and large enterprise to "easily and effectively" migrate to cloud operations.
The Partner Summit helped Allied Telesis to strengthen their relationship with channel partners by throwing light on thepast wins that were possible with the help of channel partners and the future road map.
NBIC chose Telesis to build the required production data conversion process because Telesis was already NBIC's software testing partner.
of Canoga Park designed and built the new headquarters for Telesis, which was founded in 1965 and has branch offices in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley and Marina del Rey.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 9, 2017-GA Telesis launches USD 500 m GAIN 2 Fund