telescopic spectacles

tel·e·scop·ic spec·ta·cles

magnifying spectacles obtained by using a convex objective lens and a concave eyepiece separated by the difference in their focal lengths.
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d Both systems are normal distance telescopic spectacles
a The system on the left is a bioptic and on the right is a normal distance telescopic spectacle
The funds will be used to buy telescopic spectacles for people affected by Albinism.
Bioptic telescopic spectacles and driving performance: A study in Texas.
Telescopic spectacles for driving: User data satisfaction, preferences and effects in vocational, educational and personal tasks: A study in Illinois.
Low vision aids (LVAs) fall into one of the following groups: simple magnifiers, spectacle magnifiers, telescopic spectacles and low-power projectors.
Telescopic spectacles can be dispensed for patients requiring help with distance (Figure 5D) or near vision (Figure 5E).