(tel'ĕ-rē-sep'tŏr, -tōr),
An organ, such as the eye, that can receive sense stimuli from a distance.
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In addition, through kinesthetic impression, the "focus" (Starosta, et al., 2003, 1983, 1978; 2006) on one's bodily movement is far fuller and richer, where the functioning of one's telereceptors is supplemented by proprioceptor stimuli (Raczek, et al.
The latter feature of the model can be used, for example, for illustration (at the conceptual level) of the process of perception and processing of information on the environment by a person's receptors (telereceptors of vision and hearing; chemical receptors of taste and smell; skin receptors of touch).
Along with appearance of the telereceptors, specific to C-level, the one's own body may be perceived as an element of much more extensive environment.